After resting in the extradimensional space created by Naima’s rope trick spell, Darafayen, Lyntern, Naima, Olivia, Reide, and Teranthia set sail again on the Sunless Sea. They investigate a sunken drow city and are attacked by a ghost and a kraken, both of which they drive off. Unfortunately, the kraken destroys the adventurers’ boat in the battle. Darafayen teleports the adventurers back to shore, but with a slight error that instead lands them in one of the nearby tunnels instead. There, they discover the missing apprentice Jelenneth at long last.

Jelenneth explains that she escaped imprisonment and has remained in hiding within the Darklands ever since. Darafayen teleports the party and Jelenneth back to the surface, finally accomplishing their goal of saving the girl. They choose to take some time on the surface to prepare their next assault, paying Tauster to create a folding boat for them.


chabrooks chabrooks

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